Shipping and return policies for ANCST

Return Policy

I will not refund orders within Germany that had no extra registered shipping booked.

And I no longer can refund orders outside of Germany that get lost at all.

If you need to return an item for whatever reason please get in touch. we work something out.

Orders within Germany will be sent with Deutsche Post (no tracking provided unless you buy the extra option) and DHL (if you reach a certain number of items).

Orders outside Germany have to use DHL which as of July 2022 has changed various things about how they do business. One of them is that I have to pay for every package you don't pick up or that doesn't get delivered to you because whatever. So you have to cover for it if you messed it up and I cover it if I messed it up or it isn't clear what the problem was.

by ordering from our bandcamp store you agree to return policies and shipping policies.