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ghosts of the timeless void


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Mark Arruda
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Mark Arruda This is a great metalcore/hardcore album. The drummer can blast for days!
Jimmy Foresta
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Jimmy Foresta Hardcore? Black metal? Such a mix? Yes, and it sound perfect balanced, brutal, energetic and liricaly critic against everything. Amazing Album. Favorite track: republic of hatred.
Mohemian thumbnail
Mohemian Next to Ultha Ancst are the most innovative and hard working band hailing from Germany right now. I’m not such a big hardcore fan and given the fact that this time the core percentage overrules the Black Metal influences I should not be recommending this album. However, the said mix plus a good amount of crust, high-speed attacks and atmosphere (a blackened crust "ballad" that doesn’t sound cheesy at all, how cool is that?) makes Ghosts a standout classic already. Check them out live as well! Favorite track: dying embers.
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dying embers 03:58
dying embers beyond the flesh that keeps us captive there's an empty place that feeds our nothingness. the sound of your voice echoes through my veins, no more togetherness, our world laid to waste. I can see us drifting in a sea of hate. torn apart and cramped into empty space. the world keeps turning, gear in gear. lifeless and mourning, trapped in our still lifes. hearts filled with scorn, at the peak of our hollowness. we wander this torn and bleak vacuum in search for deliverance. nowhere to go and nowhere to settle. locked in these restless vessels, our realm is the emptiness. adnate with the end, lost in expiration. ghosts of yesterdays, I only worship my own decay. Connected but torn apart, we devour each other. Pragmatic and untrusting, futile in our own domain.
shackles of decency so tired of living as I watch you burn and fade. cant stand the look of you, your presence disgusts me. we have been the same, now I am an alien to you. outcast and uprooted. a pool of living ideas reduced to a puddle of backwardness. I thought we were the same, unity instead of purity. and as I watch you flake from the solid ideas, I ask myself. was this really you? was this really me? debating inside these trenches as the world breaks apart. children of resentment, we are our own worst enemy. break the shackles of decency, we've had enough of bigotry. wrestle all your virtuous emotions, hand in hand out in the open. I aim for liberation, no more hatred, no exploitation. I aim for equality, for diversity and autonomy. no more walls, no more gods and masters, everyone a king or queen. I'm sick of you tearing us apart, divided we will all fall.
concrete veins numbed and muddled, you walk this hallways bathed in strychnine. you watch the days go by, in disgrace. trapped in your loneliness you have become nobody. in the midst of this town, isolated. you have welcomed urban emptiness. in the mist of the metropolis you have entombed all hope. free but bound to your shell you wander these concrete veins. remain in turmoil, hum that elegy. bled dry and obscure, anonymous. stripped but ignored you accuse this wasteland of treachery. your downfall so sudden. a lasting date with the rope. psychotic and deluded, death in despair.
revelation of deformity I try to stay alive in my concrete cell. no matter where I go, I feel hollow and alienated. cant castoff the shackles that bind me to this hell. there is no escape from your holding clutch. I once was bound to the promise of self-fulfillment, now I am lost in the maze of shattered dreams. I have become an outcast, isolated in my realm. I dwell in disbelief, all alone and overwhelmed. a cell block that stretches for miles filled with empty eyes. jammed together, human futility. deformed and bloated we pace the streets. mangled and distorted, consumed by our needs. forced to live in darkness, to devour their filth. reigned by fear, we are dispensable, disposable and irrelevant. human vermin. in search of life we stumbled over existence. bound to the gray, burst and drained. self-regulated, fleshly machines, cursed to exist in their vacuum. I'm here to bury the splinters of myself. the abyss calls to me, I will descend. I walk these streets at night, endlessly. released from all oaths, crippled by frailty. cant make sense of me, cant make sense of this. I am a stranger to myself, drowned in misery.
unmasking the impostors suffocated and strangled by regulations. stabbed in the back by the vultures of this bubble. empty eyes that gaze through us, mouths filled with shit, fiends where once where friends. your desire, your childish conceptions, you envenom our minds with vanities. so cynic, so antiquated. there is just black and white in your box of paints. how could I fall for these narrow minded and crooked impostors? how could I be so wrong? there is nothing left for us except these broken dreams. shitfaced tricksters that roam the fields where we belonged, stuck in their vortex, doomed to know better. you arrogate to police our thoughts. you wont tell me what is right or wrong. two-faced hypocrite, your double-life betrays you and unmasks the poser you are. portrayal of society, you are a piece of shit. fake and distorted, self-exploiter, self-exposer. and as time goes by you will fade into oblivion, into nothingness.
of gallows and pyres watch all the fires burn in anguish. this city of terrors has numbed me to the last. there is no light in all this darkness even tough the brightness radiates. all this longing for better days: so useless and pathetic. one more protesting pursuit. to the gallows, to the pyres, we march together in each others shoes. we are not meant to see ourselfs, self-degraded and disemboweled. hanged from their towers we flood the city with our tears. and as far as I remember, we never had a chance to escape and to wither in our self-chosen solitude. the gods of mercy in their villas, they laugh and they slander in our long forgotten names. I rest my head on your shoulder, crowned with rusted wire, I'll be your king and slave. In our detention cells we watch the days go by. lost in our inner crypts we persevere till we burn out.
quicksand 03:41
quicksand you have died a social death. lost in tradition, rearranged, you have become the instrument of a system you once despised. you know the answers, stop asking questions. all you longed for, it cant be this. you have given in. make the final cut. drifting into nothingness, kept entertained for a purpose. we are born to fit your grid. no freedom of choice, no autonomy. we're waging war armed only with our workforce. human cattle, blinded by our ignorance. torrents of exploitation, an ailing society. capable of so much but we cant get rid of slavery? human life, reduced to time and force. beneath our skin and bones we are nothing. all your life you have obeyed. all this wasted time, you cant buy it back. wake up and rise again.
republic of hatred isolated and disgusted, I watch you fail each other without remorse. trapped in your timeline, you're obsolete. the times are changing and so should you. I watch you kill, pollute and steal in a world forged in rage. gifted by your makers you repeat, compete, destroy. anxious and betrayed, leery and left alone, eastern sheep, western prey. all you know is what is taken, terrified by social change. I hear you scream for seizure of power, longing for security. you demand a reign of terror, the sheep they must be slain. servants of populism, bourgeois scavengers, the plague of hatred. don't stand by and let them rule.
dysthymia 04:36
we declare our downfall from the bottom of our abyss. we scream and we cry till these hearts stop beating. ashes in our mouths and debris in our hands, we walk this empty road till the bitter end. and nothing equals nothing, the value of our lifes. we turn the light of day into eternal darkness armed with our despair. we are cursed by our demons, chained to our husks. we stumble while we try to run, outrun ourselfs. it is fear that drives us into ruin. traumatized by everything we hold so dear. and nothing equals nothing, the value of our lifes. preoccupied we watch the world burn to ash as we cheer and salt it with a pinch of scorn. from our deathbeds we imprecate all you fools. to our heresy! to our demise!
sanctity 04:36
sanctity and as we feed our menial desires the world around us falls to ashes. we remain in our huts made out of sweat and bone. while we turn to stone we forget what we are, we expire. freed from all that made sense, we vegetate, we've come to an end. make your stupid assumptions, we are the filth. our treacherous progression, a history drenched in blood. what did we achieve? look at the state of this world. this is all a fucking joke. out of the ashes we might build a better world. no more deluded entities, taken back what was ours. every ounce of blood that was shed would not have been lost to time. our barren world is in-decline.
self-portrait I witnessed the rise of the machines. an arduous path that has become an highway. overwhelmed by the pace of progress we surrendered to our own convenience. mandatory and addictive, a screen in every hand. dashing fingers, eyes dilated, wired to the bone. torn apart and isolated, we walk side by side. all alone in the crowd, unrecognized. awoken by the humming that dictates our life, we are no longer in control. self-portrait of an existence that was never ours. on the verge of the shutdown. ironic and systematic, a created cosmos. betrayed by our own narcism. incomplete and crippled by the scourge of each others life. insecure and sedated, caught inside our realm. we walk these bytes in search for happiness. preoccupied and bound to our own demise.


"What has started to move can no longer be stopped: Since its foundation in 2011, ANCST have proved tireless that they are the spearhead of a new wave of hardcore infused black metal coming out of Germany. With a row of releases on renowned underground labels such as Vendetta, Alerta Antifascista, Supreme Chaos or Halo Of Flies, including two albums and an array of EPs and split releases, as well as relentless touring, ANCST has proven their motivation. They want to make a difference – and they have something to say! ANCST want to wake their listeners and put their fingers into the wounds. Thus, “ghosts of the timeless void” has to sound as violent and disillusioning as it does. The band's third album is a mirror of its surroundings and time and an elegy to a world on the verge of decline. While sporting both, a hardcore and a metal socialization, the self proclaimed collective from Berlin perfectly combines fierce melodic black metal and brutal but yet metallic hardcore crust with angry and critical social political lyrics. The unconditional implementation of their convictions, their sound and the emphasized DIY approach makes ANCST and “ghosts of the timesless void” seem so unique and strong."
(Lifeforce Records)

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released March 2, 2018


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ANCST Berlin, Germany

Blackened MxC & Dark Ambient from Berlin, Germany.


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